Valorant: Riot Reveals It Teased Leakers Prior To Reaver Skin Reveal

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Valorant keeps growing, and Riot has doffed its cap in the direction of enterprising dataminers with the release of the Reaver weapon skin line.

Previously a prototype of sorts for weapon skins during the closed beta, fans have been calling for its return in the last few months – and now it's back.


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Valorant: Riot Reveals It Teased Leakers Prior To Reaver Skin Reveal

Check out the Reaver skins below:

It's baaaack! You can finally grab that Reaver Bundle you've been asking for since beta ended.
November 3, 2020

Alongside the confirmation of the cosmetic range's return, Sean Marino, the game's art lead, discussed dataminers and the role they play in announcements as part of a Q&A.


"As we kept working on the skin over the last few months, we accidentally leaked file names into the build, which the dataminers kept picking up on," Marino revealed.

"Likewise the Store team used the Reaver as a thumbnail placeholder image, which had the unintended effect of 'haunting” the menus once in a while, so we’d see countless posts [and] felt bad because all of this just fueled the 'Reaver is the next skin line' rumors, when Reaver was still months away from release."

"The frequent datamine leaks inspired us to try a teaser campaign where we intentionally leaked some spooky file names into the 1.09 and 1.10 patches to tease the revival of Reaver," he added.

"We kind of laughed to ourselves at the irony [...] because none of the dataminers picked up on the intentional leaks somehow, so our big brain teaser failed."


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