Valorant: Riot Confirms Health and Damage Changes Are On The Way

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Valorant is a competitive driven game, the high standards players already expect, mean Riot will be fine-tuning and rebalancing constantly. 

At the moment, players are having trouble with two major issues in the game.


Firstly, audio cues are the only real giveaway with whether or not a players bullets are landing when firing at an enemy.

Valorant doesn't have a hit-marker, and fans have started voicing their frustrations.


As well as this, another hot topic in the Valorant community, is the lack of visual cues (like the red glowing filter that slowly takes over the screen in CoD) when having low health.


Telling the difference between a full health bar and 1HP is only possible by looking at your health bar. 

A Redditor posted about the issue, and received a reply from a Riot dev, who stated an upcoming patch will balance out some of the problems players have with health and damage feedback.

Currently, it isn't clear what course of action Riot plans to take, finding the right balance and pleasing everyone is tricky, let alone for a game with such high expectations. 


Regardless, it's good to see devs taking the time out to address players and ensure that they're listening to the issues the community is having.