Valorant: Replay system confirmed as post-launch addition by Riot Games?

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Valorant is shaping up to be an incredibly popular shooter based on the current closed beta period, and it looks like Riot Games has another hit on their hands.

Of course, like any esport it's important to be able to learn from your previous matches. Even if you win, there's almost certainly something you could do better.

As you'd imagine, that has fans reaching out for a replay feature that will let players rewatch their matches from different perspectives in order to provide proper analysis.

Thankfully, Riot is aware of fan demand and has responded in the Valorant subreddit. One player suggested a replay system, and another suggested one could arrive at the game's launch.

ZealousApathy, a Riot employee, jumped in to suggest that while it won't be there at launch, it'll be coming much sooner than League of Legends implementation.

Here's hoping the feature arrives soon
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