VALORANT Pro DROPPED From Team But Denies Cheat Boosting

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A VALORANT (former) pro is in some hot water as Polaris drops her from their roster after proof was shared of her getting boosted by a cheater. Riot Games suspended Slaze from tournaments for allegedly using cheaters to boost her account. Riot has come out and detailed warnings and statistics that prove she did so intentionally despite her adamant denials.

That's right; they sent a full-screen red notification to let her know she was Queuing with active cheaters. So she logged into a different account with that cheater to play eight more games. This happened multiple times until Riot games banned the cheater again and suspended Slaze. Slaze still maintains she is being targeted with Malice, even though 77% of her wins came from playing with cheaters; more details are below.


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VALORANT Pro dropped from roster

When a company comes forward with proof and evidence against you, it's an interesting move to try and keep saying they're all liars. It's reached a point where the "one person in the anti-cheat department doesn't like me," doesn't really hold water. She continues to deny it, but even some players have come in and said they've caught her playing with cheaters before.

The response from Polaris (her former Esports Team).

"Recent evidence involving player “Slaze” has been disclosed, consensus within the team has decided to let her go. The members of Polaris were completely unaware of her actions and would not condone anything alike. Everyone here on Polaris want to personally apologize to the Valorant community for these unfortunate events that unfolded today.

We're still competing in VCT:GC this week, and will still perform at our best, striving for our rightful place within the community. Thank you for all the support."
Credit: Polaris
That was decisive

VALORANT Pro Caught Cheating

My friends at Esports talk (#VegasStrong) do a great job of explaining the whole situation:

Jake is correct, and I must agree. Multiple people are involved in an investigation conducted by Riot Games. It's improbable that they are all involved in a huge conspiracy (but there's always the chance). In the past 28 days, she's been queued with cheaters 60% of the time and almost 80% of those are wins.


When a big company comes back after an investigation, alongside numbers, you probably should at least admit that it's happened sometimes. Still, Slaze is adamant that she NEVER queued with a cheater before, even though there are players who have said otherwise.

Here's their statement and Slaze's response:


There's no harm in trying to come clean at this point and moving forward in the right direction. Especially since her team also dropped her from their roster for the entire situation. Either way, if anything comes of this, we will write another article.