VALORANT: Pokimane Finally Reaches Immortal And Shares Tips And Tricks For Ranking Up Quickly

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Popular Twitch streamer, Imane 'Pokimane' Anys recently reached the Immoral Rank in competitive VALORANT after months of hard work. Climbing rank in the game can be ridiculously difficult after Diamond, especially if you do not have teammates to play with.


On August 28th, she took to Twitter to reveal why the ranked grind is difficult for anyone in her position. She highlighted how players have to constantly communicate with teammates in order to play agents like Sova.

She revealed how difficult it was to be hard-stuck at Diamond for three acts, and gave a few tips for fans to learn from. Here's everything you need to know about Pokimane's aim routine and rank progression tips.

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Pokimane Reveals Her Secret To Reach Immortal Rank In VALORANT

Pokimane has been grinding to rank up in VALORANT for months now, and finally she has made it to Immortal 3. On 19th September, she took to Twitter to show fans her competitive rank and Act progression.

As one of the most popular female streamers, Pokimane is often subjected to a lot of toxicity in her ranked games. On top of that, there is the issue of stream snipers and radiant-smurfs. Nevertheless, after three Acts she finally reached Immortal 3 and is quite proud of her achievement.


Pokimane revealed on her post that she trained her aim for months to reach Immortal in VALORANT. She recommended that players who do not have a fundamental background in FPS titles should do this rigorously.

Aim becomes crucial in an FPS game like VALORANT. Always try to have the peekers' advantage, and train your reflexes until it's pixel-perfect. Aim training will not only improve your general game sense, but also contribute to major factors like crosshair positioning, micro-adjustments, trigger discipline etc.

Playing against versatile agents like Jett, Raze, Omen, Yoru can be difficult especially because of the verticality factor. These Agents can gain a high ground easily, which is why it's imperative to train your aim to track and tap for headshots.

Pokimane recommends that players try out Kovaak's aim trainer. She listed six different routines to practice, players can check these routines in the aim trainer.

  • 1wall6targets small
  • 1wall5targets_pasu
  • 1wall6targets TE
  • Ascended Tracking 90 Small
  • Bounce 180 Tracking Small
  • PatTargetSwitch

Pokimane's VALORANT Tips And Tricks

Here are the tips Pokimane suggested for VALORANT players:

  • Aim train - regular aim training will help you improve. Imperative for non-FPS players.
  • Master two to three Agents in different roles, prioritize those you're good at and fill for what your team needs.
  • Communicate as much as you can and be specific. For example, say "three at B Site" instead of "they're B."
  • Master eco/save rounds! Getting good with the Sheriff, Shorty/Judge, Frenzy etc. Get a kill, and picking up a gun afterwards can win your team the round. Being a deagle (Sheriff) demon is basically a prerequisite to Immortal Rank.
  • Team Morale is extremely important, hype tour teammates after a good round and help them brush off bad ones. Don't let a bad round bring you down. Nt's all around.

These are the tricks you can follow to improve your game and rank up quickly in VALORANT. Pokimane usually plays with Sova, and you can check out our advanced guide to learn a thing or two about the Agent.

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