Valorant: How To Get Free Valorant Points And Skins

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Valorant is here on PC and players can already buy cosmetics from the in-game store.

In order to buy them, you'll need Valorant points - so how can you get them for free?


How To Get Valorant Points For Free

While you're unable to get points for free at this point in time, players can benefit from the current Valorant deal.

If you buy any Valorant points in the beta, you will receive them all back at the launch of the full game, including an extra 20%.

So for example, if you spend 10,000 Valorant points, you will get 12,000 back at the start of the full game.


This is a small thank you for engaging with their work.

These points can then be used to buy extra weapon skins.

How To Get Free Skins In Valorant

It's likely that free skins will be rewarded for completing objectives/challenges in-game, as well as completing the rumoured battle pass.


You can also expect skins to come as end of season rewards in ranked play.