Valorant: Phoenix Ultimate Bug Causes Automatic Bomb Plant

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Valorant is a huge hit with FPS gamers currently but like all new games, it has some issues that need ironing out.

Bugs, bugs, bugs, the bane of any developers existence.


Well it looks like Phoenix players are encountering a new bug, here's what we know.

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New Phoenix Bug

B-Roll on Twitter recently brought a bug to Riot's attention.


He says, "@RiotZiegler @RiotNu When I ult with Phoenix and plant, if I don't get the plant off and go back to my body, as soon as I step onto the site it auto plants. Have been able to reproduce in custom. Have to hit 4 again to stop. Gets kinda hectic in a fight :] Dunno if intentional!"

Riot replied by saying that this was definitely not intentional and they are looking into the bug.

The Tweet below by Valorant News shows what exactly the bug looks like.

Riot are looking into a #VALORANT bug which causes Phoenix to automatically start planting after using his ultimate Run It Back.Here's how the bug looks.
— Valorant News (@ValorantUpdates)
July 16, 2020

It seems the glitch isn't affecting the majority of players currently, so hopefully it stays that way until fixed.