08 Apr 2021 9:02 AM +00:00

Valorant Glitch Makes A Player Immune To Phoenix's Flash, Removes HUD Elements

Valorant is still one of the hottest games on the planet, and as Act 2 approaches, it looks to get better and better.

Unfortunately, there does seem to be one snag - players are immune to Phoenix's "Flash" move.

Valorant: Phoenix Flash Glitch


Fire-based Agent, Phoenix, has plenty of handy moves but one of the most useful is his "Flash".

Able to blind enemies to allow for a quick kill, it's perfect for throwing around corners.

Unfortunately, Valorant News is reporting on a user's experience where they were able to completely avoid being flashed. Check out the footage in the Tweet below.

Players are reporting a glitch making them "immune" to flashes in #VALORANT 😑Have you encountered this bug? Via u/adude_ pic.twitter.com/EsJOkVg9wi
— Valorant News (@ValorantUpdates)
July 12, 2020

We still don't know how this happened, but u/adude_ also noted that his HUD was impaired, too.

Expect a fix in the near future.