Valorant: Phoenix Curveball Bug Is Getting Fixed

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It's not often that a patch causes more bugs to arise within a game, although Valorant's 1.06 patch appears to have done just that.

The arguably underwhelming update only adjusted a handful of things, with many other issues not getting some attention.


If that wasn't disappointing enough for players, a new bug has emerged featuring one of the game's favourite agents - Phoenix.

Phoenix Curveball Bug

Phoenix's ability Curveball allows the agent to fire a blinding Flare Orb around corners.

Now it seems the ability is causing issues for players, making it difficult to use the ability without impacting their own teammates.


It means that in order to use it effectively, you will need to stand quite far away from the impact point. You can no longer hug the wall according to @Pirkzy.

It means that by the time you've used it and follow up, the window of opportunity may be gone.

Fortunately, @RiotMorello has confirmed a fix is on the way for what is called an "Unintentional bug".

Unintentional bug. Will fix
— Morello (@RiotMorello)
August 20, 2020

The official Valorant Twitter account has also acknowledged this issue and plans a hotfix "as soon as possible".


Major patch updates arrive every two weeks in Valorant, so it's comforting knowing that this error shouldn't last longer than a day or two.