Valorant: Breach Gets Huge Changes, Not Mentioned In Patch Notes

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Valorant's new Agent, Skye, has been revealed, but it looks as though Breach got himself a sizeable update in the recent patch.

What's most surprising, though, is that the changes were not mentioned in the patch notes.


Here's what you need to know.

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Valorant: Valorant: Breach Gets Huge Changes, Not Mentioned In Patch Notes

Reddit user u/oDavideo noticed a change to Breach's Fault Line ability. 


"The change is basically before patch 1.11 breach’s fault line no gap line that stuck enemies," they explained.

You can see the change in action here.

Developer rycoux responded and noted that the changes are intentional.

"This is intended but never made it to the patch notes. The intended changes are as follows, we will try to make sure we add this to the notes," they noted.


According to rycoux, these are the changes made:

  • Fault Line charges 20% faster
  • Rolling Thunder casts 8m away from him
  • Fault Line casts 8m away from him

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