Valorant's new update changes Overtime format, includes draws and win by two options

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Valorant is still one of the hottest games on the planet, and its competitive playlist is home to some sweaty, tense battles.

With a new change to the version 1.03 patch notes, there's a big change coming to the game's Overtime setup.


Valorant: Big changes to Overtime

As per Riot's updated patch notes, “Competitive matches have a new win-by-two overtime format with automated votes on whether the game should continue or end in a draw."

“Teams will alternate playing rounds on attack and defense until a team claims victory by being up by 2 rounds".

If you're worried about hoarding your credits just in case you have to play multiple extra rounds, don't panic - each team will get 5000 credits per round.


The vote for a draw will require six out of ten players, followed by fewer players as the rounds progress. Also, don't feel bad for voting to end a game as a draw - Riot promises fans that they won't lose any ranks for doing so.