Valorant: Mouse Sensitivity Conversions for Overwatch, CS:GO, Warzone & More

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A player is using the Phantom gun to target Jett on the Ascent map while stood next to Phoenix in Valorant.

Valorant is Riot Games' class-based tactical shooter which oversees teams of five going against each other in battle. Aim and racking up headshots can be important in all game modes, so making sure your mouse sensitivity is correct for you is a must. These settings can make or break your time with a twitchy, competitive shooter.

So, in this guide, we take a look at and explain the mouse sensitivity conversions from other popular shooters.


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Valorant: How to Transfer Your Mouse Sensitivity Settings

An easy to follow guide

The key to transferring your mouse settings is to make a note of the game you're playing and divide your sensitivity setting by the number shown below. It's as simple as that!


As an example, you'd need to divide your Overwatch sensitivity setting by 10.6 to find the closest approximation on Valorant, and then you'll be good to go and rack up those headshots.

Here's the full list of conversions for various popular shooters:

  • Overwatch: Divide by 10.6
  • Destiny 2: Divide by 10.6
  • CoD: Warzone: Divide by 10.6
  • CS:GO: Divide by 3.18
  • Apex Legends: Divide by 3.18
  • Rainbow Six: Siege: Divide by 12.2

That's all you need to know when it comes to converting the mouse sensitivity settings of your favourite shooters into Valorant. For more guidance on getting acquainted with the game, we recommend changing up your crosshair and checking out some general gameplay tips.

This article was updated on 18th November 2021 by Kelsey Raynor.