Valorant: Did Night Market Tease A New Map Coming In The Next Act?

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The latest announcement from Riot Games brought the Night Market back to Valorant, but that's not all. The image used for the announcement has a spectacular detail that many may have missed.

Riot Games may have officially teased the next map coming to Valorant with this new image. Players, fans and community experts have delved into the details of the image to chalk out every clue they can find.


So if you're wondering when the next map is coming in Valorant or how it would look, well, we have you covered.

Here's everything you need to know about the latest map teaser in Valorant.

Night Market Image Teaser

Most of the community experts reported to Twitter with their theories about this new map. The notion stands that this image belongs to a new map, where Kingdom has structures built underground.

Popular content creator Zakky from VALORANT Hub highlighted some of the key details you may have missed in the image.

He theorizes that by comparing the latest Night Market announcement with previous ones. Once they are examined properly, players will find background images of new maps in both the Night Market images.

This is established in the previous Night Market itself which features an ecosystem from the map Breeze. He also points out how the leaves look different and the ambient light has changed from blue to red.

Similarly, popular Lore enthusiast Cynprel pointed out on Twitter that this new ecosystem doesn't resemble Breeze at all. Another close observation reveals that the building is underneath the earth. Possibly a Kingdom underground base built a long time ago.

Several fans believe that this new map might feature another three-bomb-site design to make things interesting.


Players will also find an image on the Battle Pass that shows a new terrain on a player card. The card is called Testing Grounds, and many have predicted that this is the new map coming to Valorant.

Let's now look into all the theories about this new map.

Is Testing Grounds Set in Australia?

According to Zakky, this new map is going to be based on Skye and might be set in Australia. He also mentions that since every Episode will introduce a new map in the game, fans can expect Testing Grounds to arrive anytime by December 2021.

His theory about Skye seems fitting because fans can spot the same form of illustrations in Skye's official trailer. On closer inspection, we can see that the waterfalls and the white birds match in both trailers.


Interestingly, VALORANT Hub recently collaborated with Skye's voice actor Miranda O'Hare. Fans will find in the video that they discussed the possibilities of an Australian map in detail.

The voice actor mentioned that it would be brilliant to see an Australian themed map that captures the wild yet picturesque essence of the country.
Fans can only imagine how awesome it would be to have a Zoo on a Valorant map, or even a sunny beach, they can wait for this new map to arrive.

Riot Games have kept things tight when it comes to the lore aspect of Valorant. This makes it difficult for anyone to predict what's coming next. Regardless, fans can expect that more details about the new map will arrive sooner than expected.

Whether it will be an Australian themed map or something else entirely, only time will tell!

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