Valorant: Jett Slingshot Mechanic Glitch Tutorial On Icebox

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Valorant’s Act III as brought with it a new map named Icebox and players are out in force figuring the map out.

Players are finding all sorts of useful tricks to play Icebox, but one Reddit user has found a slingshot for Jett players to use.


Jett is capable of slingshotting herself after using her dash ability to gain even more speed and distance on the Valorant’s latest map.

Jett Slingshot Mechanic

Reddit user DireFTW has found that using the ziplines and rappels after dashing allows her slingshot herself further.

If the player latches onto either of the above as she dashes, then she will keep the momentum as she exits the rope.


This is particularly useful on B site, as the space is open enough to get the most out of the momentum gained from using the feature.

New Jett Slingshot with ropes on Icebox

This is not a new feature to Jett, as players have been able to do since Valorant released.


Maps like Split have rappels in the Mid Vent and B Heaven, but space is too restricted to build momentum for Jett.

Because Icebox’s B site is so open, players may be able to quickly wide people angles as Jett, making the game much more interesting in those scenarios.

However, B Site is a rather open site so Jett players will need to learn to master this if they want to pull this trick off in official matches.

This is not the only feature that makes Jett a great Agent on Icebox.


G2 Esports recently did a quick dive into Icebox, and they think Jett is one of the best all-around Agents for the map. Jett is capable of much more than just slingshotting on rappels, as she excels of abusing the map’s verticality and maze-like design.

The slingshot is just another example of how great Jett is on Icebox.