Valorant: Icebox Hotfix Addresses Omen Glitch

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Valorant’s Act III map, Icebox is in its beta phase, and the map has been picked apart for bugs by the community.

With the map in a live testing phase, players have noticed an Omen bug that allows them to get in inaccessible places with his teleport ultimate.


The result meant he could get kills but not be killed or spotted in these positions. Riot Games have now addressed this bug in a hotfix before patch 1.11.

Omen Glitch Gets Hotfixed

Icebox is currently in Valorant as a beta map for players to queue into in-game modes. Riot insist players find out bugs and publish their findings so they can be addressed and patch up before it becomes part of the competitive map pool.

One of the biggest bugs players have found on Icebox is an Omen teleport bug. The bug allowed Omens to teleport through solid map structures and play in inaccessible locations.


An Omen in these spots could shoot through the solid objects, but the textures were not penetrable from the outside. This means that Omens in these spots were invulnerable for the entire time they were in there.

The usual offender was teleporting into the out of bounds areas of B Kitchen and being able to move around solid surfaces in that area.

Riot Games has since hotfixed the bug so that Omen can no longer access unintended locations.


Valorant is going through a troublesome time in Act III has several bugs that are causing players plenty of issues.

One of the bugs that Riot is aiming to fix is the rubber banding / stutter-step bug that is causing players grievances. The bug was meant to be pathced in a recent hotfix but will be delayed until patch 1.11 drops.

The hotfix is a sign that Riot Games is addressing some of the community’s biggest issues, and there is no doubt more is yet to come.

Icebox is set to leave its beta phase on October 27 with the release of patch 1.11.