Valorant: How To Fix The Friends List Not Working Error

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In Valorant, one of the best ways to play the game is to play it alongside your friends. But this may not be feasible if you would encounter the ‘Friends List Not Working’ error.

The error is self-explanatory. Once it occurs then your friend list is not working properly. The good thing is there are ways how you can fix it which can get you back on track to play Valorant with your friends.


Keep reading to know how you can fix the Friends List Not Working error in Valorant.

How To Fix Friends List Not Working Error In Valorant

There are several ways that you can do to fix the Friends Not Working Error in Valorant.

You can do a restart – restart your router or PC. The error might be occurring because of a system or an internet connection error.


You can also relaunch Valorant. There is a possibility that the error was caused by the game itself and some glitch might be present while you run it.

If these ways aren’t working, you may opt to change your DNS server or use a different internet connection. This may help you fix the error which is inclined with the possible connectivity issue.

Resort To Riot Support If Needed

Now if the methods mentioned above aren’t really working to solve the Friends List Not Working Error in Valorant, then maybe it’s time to reach out to Riot support.

Just select a support ticket by going here and tell them the problem that you are encountering.

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