VALORANT: How To Fix Mouse Not Working Bug

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VALORANT is a game all about precise movement, razor-sharp aiming, and quick reactions - but one bug makes all of that a little tricky.

If you've had to force-close VALORANT because your mouse is stuck in the top left corner then we've got the fix for you.


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VALORANT: How To Fix Mouse Not Working Bug

The bug is easy to spot, because you'll find your cursor affixed to the top left corner during the game's intro screens.

It'll stay there in the menu, too, meaning it's impossible to even begin a match. Thankfully, it's easy to fix - but you'll need to force quit the app.

  • While in VALORANT, hit your ALT key and F4 to close the game. Then find your VALORANT shortcut.
  • Right-click, and select 'Run As Administrator', before following the prompt that appears next asking if you're sure.

Once that's done, voila! You'll be back to clicking heads and planting the spike. And if it happens again, you can repeat the process.

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