Valorant Hints at New One For All Style Game Mode

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Over the weekend, the Valorant Twitter page has started hinting at a new game mode that will be "coming soon" which will be called Replication.

Valorant Season 2 Act 3 has been out just under two weeks and Riot Games have begun teasing more content that will be coming soon.

In a video posted on Twitter, we can see multiple Brimstone Sky Smokes go off around the A site on the new map Breeze.


Valorant Hints at New One For All Style Game Mode

Players began to speculate on what the game mode was and just how it would be played.

Initially, the name Replication hints at players being able to "replicate" other Agent's abilities, however, the main theories are that a "one-for-all" type game mode will come where it will be a team of the same 5 Agents against another team of the same Agents.

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A one-for-all game mode makes sense as we have previously seen Riot implement the same system into League of Legends.

ValorLeaks on Twitter discussed the possibility of the one-for-all mode and said "this is mostly right" (adding one-for-all) however without official confirmation from Riot we cant be certain that it is the game mode we will be seeing.

limited-time game modes are a fun addition to any game and give people a break from their normal gameplay.

Expect to hear more information about the game mode this week and hopefully we can see it added soon.