Valorant: Best Icebox Tips, Angles And Agents From G2 Esports

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Valorant’s new Icebox map is out in its beta period, but G2 esports already have some great insight on how to play it.

Act III’s map is all about verticality, mazes and corridors that dualist Agents are going to love.


G2 Esport’s Mixwell, Davidp and ardiis go onto detail their tips and angles that they think are going to work great for competitive Icebox games.


One of the more notable things about Icebox is the amount of verticality, and maze-like design is on the map.

There are plenty of angles, and that is going to create some intense gameplay, especially as players try to clear angles and use their utility.


Because of this, G2 Esports players think that Omen, Jett, and Raze are great choices for the map.

Every single one of them has unique ways to get around the map with pace, climbing verticality or getting kills.

Jett is going to find getting over verticality really easy with her jumps and dashes, which aids her on those maze-like corridors or boosts.

On the other hand, Omen going to get lots of great use out of his smokes, while blinking to new angles.


Raze is in the same boat with her jump boost, and her ultimate ability is going to be great for flushing containers, angles and more out.

A Site

G2 explains that A Site seems to be the most challenging site to attack on Icebox. They believe the site is the hardest to crack because of all the off angles, ziplines and verticality.


One of the tips that G2 suggest for gaining A control as an attacker is to bring a sniper. The ability for a sniper to peak one of the vertical back of site spots is going to be useful for an attacking side.

The main issue for A is that there are three off angles attackers need to check as they approach the end of A Pipes.  Therefore, Agents with great mobility or utility work on A because of the need to be quick to open the site up.

This is also another reason why getting mid control is important. As the flank opens a more accessible site take on A, and they have good smoke and jump tips to perform well on Mid too as they detail at 4:53 of the video.

G2 provides a ton of different random smoke and utility tips, especially for Agents like Omen. If you’re an Omen main, you won't want to miss this video.