Valorant First Strike Tournament: Qualifiers, Prize Pool, Dates, Sign Up, Teams And Everything You Need To Know

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VALORANT First Strike: Europe is the first officially held Riot Games event for Valorant, and it will kick off on November 9th.

The event is set to last for just under a month with the finals concluding on December 6th, with European teams exclusively taking part in the event.


There is no doubt that this event is going to be amazing, as it is the biggest European went so far and it is going to be played during Valorant's Act III.

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The event kicks off with the open qualifiers that are scheduled to take place from November 9th to November 22nd.


When the open qualifiers conclude, the finals will be held from December 3rd- December 6th. This is where the top eight teams from the open qualifiers will do battle to determine the best team in Europe.

The VALORANT First Strike: Europe Finals will play out exclusively with best-of-three series to advance teams through the bracket.

The Quarterfinals will play through December 3rd to December 4th, with the Semi-finals on December 5th and the Finals on December 6th.

The Grand Finals of the event will take it up a notch, with the rules changing to accommodate a best-of-five final.

Prize Pool

No prize pool has been determined yet.


No teams have been determined for the main event, but it will feature 8 teams.


How Do Open Qualifiers Work?

The open qualifiers are split into four separate tournaments. There are two tournaments per week for teams can select as their qualifier choice.

The top sixteen teams from each open tournament will then advance to a top sixteen Play-Ins.

Getting eliminated from any open qualifier does not restrict a team from entering any of the other open qualifiers throughout the two weeks.

The Play-In stage combines the top 16 teams from two of the qualifiers into a 32-team event. From there, teams will look to become a top-eight team to head to that bracket’s playoffs before advancing to the finals.

Qualifier A and B will combine to make one Play-In bracket, while Qualifier C and D make up the other Play-In bracket.


Every bracket of the event will use a best-of-one, except for the Playoffs at the end of the qualification stage, which will use best-of-threes to determine the four teams advancing to the Finals.

There is currently no information regarding how to register for the open qualifier.

Riot advise remaining vigilant for more information regarding the VALORANT First Strike: Europe event over the coming weeks.

All games are played online.

Sign Up

Any player over the age of 16 that has reached the rank of Immortal 1 at the time of registration or during the preceding Act will be eligible to compete.


Currently, sign-ups are not over. The full rules and policies will be released in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those if you’re thinking of taking part.