Valorant Esports: Everything You Need To Know About Riot's Plans For Valorant

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Valorant is finally here, but there have already been multiple tournaments held while it was in Beta.

We've already seen the 100 Thieves and T1 Esports events, with teams comprised up of content creators and some esports professionals. 


Little was known about Riot's plans for the future of Valorant before release, with many expecting the game to become a franchised league similar to how League of Legends is run.

Thankfully, we already have some news.

Prize Pool Limitations

In the official statement put out by Riot, they outlined some of the core principals they are going to follow over the coming months/years when it comes to building Valorant esports.


Among this statement was the VALORANT Community Competition Guidelines, which outlines some restrictions on prize pools certain organizers are going to have. 

These include: 

  • Small Tournaments - Maximum of $10,000 prize pool. 
  • Medium Tournaments (Hosted by esports organizations and content creators) - Maximum of $50,000 prize pool.

No Blood

A feature that struck some people off guard when reading through the official Riot Games guidelines for Valorant, was that going forward all tournament organizers must have the "Show Blood" feature disabled. 

This does not come as a surprise to many, as for certain sponsors or regions the sign of blood in a video game can be a terrible sight. 

Keeping it off will help strengthen the accessibility of the game in certain regions such as Asian ones!



Full Statment 

You can check out the full statement by Riot Games here, but can also view some of the keynotes below!



"Our aspiration is to build an esport worthy of your lifelong attention and interest. We plan to do so guided by three core principles: competitive integrity, accessibility, and authenticity.

  • Competitive integrity means that we want aspiring pros to have a fair shot at reaching the highest levels of play through merit-based competition. We will work tirelessly to ensure matches are won and lost based on a person’s skill and teamwork rather than external factors.
  • Accessibility is our promise that fans and players from all backgrounds will be welcome into the VALORANT community. We aspire to build the highest quality broadcast experience that showcases the creativity, teamwork, and clutch moments we love about this game, while both catering to longtime fans and making it easy for new fans to discover their love of esports.
  • Authenticity means that we know this esport is yours and we hope to build it together with you. We want VALORANT esports to grow with this community as well as discover its own voice, talent, and stars."