The Give Back Bundle Is Coming To Valorant In Episode 3 Act 1

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Valorant is set to enter Episode 3 Act 1 and developers have confirmed that the Give Back Bundle will be available for fans to purchase.

The Give Back Bundle is a "special charity-themed bundle" which consists of skins that were voted by players.

Skins included in the bundle

The Give Back bundle in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 is supposed to feature four fan-favorite weapon skins.

These skins are,

  • Reaver Sheriff
  • VALORANT GO! Volume 1 Spectre
  • Reaver Vandal
  • Ion Operator

Apart from these, the bundle also contains three unique Give Back-themed cosmetics for players to flaunt in Valorant. These cosmetics include,

  • Give Back Gun Buddy
  • Give Back Name Card
  • Give Back Spray

Price of the bundle

According to the official data revealed by Riot Games, the entire bundle can be purchased for a price of 6,382 Valorant Points.

Players should note that the exclusive Give Back-themed cosmetics are only available for players who purchase the entire bundle.

Release Date

The Give Back Bundle is scheduled to release along with Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 on June 22nd. This means that players will be able to purchase this unique charity-themed bundle from the in-game shop as soon as the Episode 3 Act 1 update goes live.

Message from the developers

While talking about the Give Back Bundle, Valorant's Senior Producer, Preeti Khanolkar mentioned a funny bet regarding the Reaver Vandal vs Prime Vandal during the voting stages. She said,

"Before we started voting, I was really curious which gun skins would win! I had a friendly bet with Joe Lee (Revenue Lead of Valorant at Riot Games) going! I was betting the Reaver Vandal would win the rifle category, and Joe bet the Prime Vandal. Historically, Joe loses all bets to me, and this was proven to be true once again."

Having said that, the Give Back Bundle is definitely a brilliant initiative from Riot Games and it'll be interesting to see how fans react to it after its release on June 22nd.

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