All Valorant Easter Eggs In The Episode 3 Act 1 Battle Pass

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Riot Games has often produced in-game cosmetics that reference trending topics. Be it the famous "Rebibe me, Jett" meme or the "Employee of the month" player card, Valorant's Battle Pass has presented various easter eggs for fans.

The Battle Pass for Episode 3 Act 1 in Valorant is no different as developers have confirmed a bunch of easter egg references with the upcoming cosmetics.

Easter Eggs in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1

Some of the easter eggs that fans can witness in the Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 Battle Pass includes,

  • Force player card
  • Save player card
  • Naked Op player card
  • Max Money spray
  • Clutch or Kick spray
  • No Pen spray
  • Greatly Increased? spray
  • Greatly Decreased? spray
  • No Guardian spray

When talking about these easter eggs being added to Valorant with the Episode 3 Act 1 Battle Pass, the game's Senior Producer, Preeti Khanolkar said,

"This battlepass probably has the most fun metagame content we’ve ever done (my favorite type of content). We saw that players really liked some of the other meta stuff we’ve done, so we added the “Force” and “Save” Cards, the “Max Money” “Clutch or Kick” and “No Pen” sprays, and the “Naked Op” Card."

Preeti went on to add,

"Likewise, the Competitive Team (which makes the Ranked system) asked us to add the “Greatly Increased?” and “Greatly Decreased?” sprays as a little thank-you to the community for all their feedback on the ranked system. Oh, and we finally went through all the Weapon Schema cards and have left the best for last: the Guardian! And of course it’s in the same Chapter as the “No Guardian” spray and a Guardian skin. Maybe you all won’t find that funny, but we kind of did."

Having said that, it seems obvious that the developers are focused on presenting players with a ton of unique yet relatable content in Valorant.

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