Valorant Episode 1 Act 2: A New Ranked System Is Coming

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Valorant's minor updates are called Acts, whereas the larger ones including things like maps and agents are called Episodes.

Act 2 approaches and it turns out we will be seeing a new ranked system (Act 2 should be arriving sometime around the 4th of August)!


We've got all the information out there and put it together for you!

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New Ranked System  

Riot has announced that there are some changes coming.


One of which will be Act Ranks, these will be a way for Riot to monitor/track players ranked progress at the end of an Act.

Act Ranks are displayed on player's profiles and will be commemorative badges/trophies.

The ranks have different types such as proven skill, this is decided by the nine top-ranked wins players get in an Act.

This means that if you get to diamond and win nine games but then drop ranks your proven skill will include the nine diamond wins.


The number of ranked wins and the highest-ranked win you have achieved will also come into play when adjusting your Act Rank.

Aswell as Act Ranks each new Act players will have their rank slightly reset and will have to complete three placement matches.

Players should be placed a bit lower than in the previous Act to give them a better chance at winning.

More things could be coming next Act but so far this is what we know!


Riot has also mentioned possibly releasing agents within Acts so maybe we will see some new in Act 2!