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Valorant Economy: How To Manage Your In-Game Money And How It Works

Riot Games is one of the most recognizable developers across the world, and its newest title Valorant is already one of the world's most popular ones.

Similar to other team-based shooters such as CSGO; Valorant utilizes an economy system within the game. 

Proper management of this system can lead to easier victories and a well-balanced game

Let's go over the complete guide to Valorant's economy. 


How To Get Money 

Similar to CSGO after the conclusion of each round, every player will be rewarded some money going into the next round.

The amount of money you get is determined off of your performance last round. Of course, winning the round is going to net you more money than losing the round, and getting some animations will grant you more money as well. 

Each kill in Valorant is worth 200 dollars, and planting the spike is worth an additional 300 dollars. 

If your team falls into a losing streak there is some additional money allocated for each round you lose in a row.

  • Lose one round - 1900 Dollars
  • Lose two rounds - 2400 Dollars
  • Lose three rounds - 2900 Dollars

Once you reach that three-round loss streak, you cannot obtain more than 2900 for the round loss bonus. 


When To Buy

The best way to utilize your money in Valorant is to usually make sure you can afford most, if not all of the following items

  • Your core abilities. 
  • Armor
  • Vandal or Phantom 

Once you have all of these; which typically comes to around 4500 dollars, then you are fully equipped for the round. 

Not having any abilities is not going to be a massive disadvantage, but you will notice it in certain scenarios.

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There is also a good tip that players should pick up on if they have played enough of Valorant thus far. When you are on the buy menu, there is going to be an indicator regarding how much money you are going to have to go into the next round.


Typically you want this number to at least be 3900, as this will allow you to buy a rifle and armor. So, as long as you can purchase some of the key components of your loadout; you can manage what you buy in each round accordingly.



If your team is not going to have enough money for a full buy the next round, or they want to surprise the enemy with a half-buy. There are some great options that may lead into a round victory.

The Specter is one of the best options for half-buys, its high rate of fire along with the solid damage output can torch enemies if they are not careful.

Depending on the map, the shotguns in Valorant can play a vital role as well! 




If you and your team do not have enough money to buy any weapons, then perhaps the best bet is to do a full save round.

These rounds tend to be quick, as you are not equipped to take down your opponent; as well it is a good time to think of what you can buy going into the next round.

This is where the next round money indicator comes into play, as you may be able to afford a pistol or some abilities!

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