Valorant Economy: How To Manage Your In-Game Money And How It Works

Valorant agents shown (from left to right) Sova, Pheonix, Viper, Jett, and Cypher.

Valorant is a team-based first-person shooter created by Riot Games that has taken inspiration from other games such as CS:GO. The game utilises an economy system, and with proper money management, it can lead to stronger rounds and easier victories.

In this guide, we explain how to use economy effectively in Valorant.

How To Get Money in Valorant

Similar to CS:GO, after the conclusion of each round, every player will be rewarded some money as they go into the next round.

The amount of money you get will be determined by your performance during the previous round. Obviously, winning the round is going to get you more money than losing the round, and using finisher animations will grant you more money as well. 

Each kill in Valorant is worth 200 Creds, and planting the spike is worth an additional 300 Creds. 

If your team falls into a losing streak, there is some additional money allocated for each round you consecutively:

  • Lose one round — Gain 1900 Creds
  • Lose two rounds — Gain 2400 Creds
  • Lose three rounds — Gain 2900 Creds

Once you reach that three-round loss streak, you cannot gain more than 2900 Creds for the round loss bonus. 

When To Buy

A player using the Sheriff gun to aim at an enemy in the 'heaven' area of Site A on the Haven map.
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The best way to utilise your money in Valorant is to usually make sure you can afford most, if not all, the following items

  • All Core Abilities. 
  • Heavy Shields.
  • Your Weapon of Choice — It's widely agreed that the Vandal or Phantom are the best guns to have equipped.

Once you have all of these; which typically comes to around 4500 Creds, then you are fully equipped for the round. Not having any abilities is not going to be a massive disadvantage, but in certain scenarios, they're incredibly useful. For example, Sage's walls or Jett's clouds of smoke.

If you've played enough Valorant, there's another tip to take note of in regard to your economy: when you are on the buy menu, there is an indicator showing how much money you are likely to have when you go into the next round. You want this number to at least be 3900 Creds, as this allows you to buy a rifle and shields at a minimum. So, as long as you can purchase some key components of your loadout; you can manage what you buy in each round accordingly.

What Is a Half-buy?

If your team is not going to have enough money for a full buy the next round, there are some other options that may lead into a round victory. A half-buy consists of budgeting, and using your money to purchase cheaper guns and sometimes, lighter shields.

The Spectre SMG is one of the best options for half-buys. It has high rate of fire along with the solid damage output can torch enemies if they are not careful. However, the gun is most impactful when within 50 metres of an enemy. For those who are good at sniping, the Marshal Sniper is a cheap buy that can be used at a longer range.

Depending on the map, shotguns in Valorant can play a vital role as well! 

Saving Money in Valorant

A player, stood next to Sage, using the Vandal gun to attack an enemy on Site B from B Window on the Haven map.
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If you and your team do not have enough money to buy any weapons, then perhaps the best bet is to do a full save for that round. These rounds tend to be quick, as you are not equipped to take down your opponent; as well, it is a good time to think of what you can buy going into the next round.

This is where the next round money indicator comes into play. You may be able to afford a pistol or some abilities to give you a better chance at lasting longer against an opposing team who may have a full-buy.

It's also important to note that players with higher kills will earn more money, so in dire situations where one player is low on Creds, other players can purchase guns for them. When a teammate has money available, be sure to request a gun in your buy menu.

That's all you need to know about making the most of your money in Valorant. If you have an effective use of your economy, you will also gain additional XP for having a higher 'Econ Rating' after the match. For more tips on Valorant, check out our guide comparing the Phantom and Vandal guns, or take a look at how to improve your gameplay in general.

This article was updated on 12th November 2021 by Kelsey Raynor.

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