Valorant Devs Talk About Their Inspirations Behind The YR1 Event Pass

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Every game developer is an artist in their own way and they get their inspirations from a lot of factors in life. Keeping in mind the fact that Valorant has turned one, the developers opened up about their inspiration behind the YR1 Event Pass.

First of all the, the event pass is scheduled to go live on June 22nd, 2021. And most importantly, the Valorant YR1 Event Pass is free for all.


What influenced the developers to come up with the Valorant YR1 Event Pass?

First of all, this pass is an act of giving back to the community. The Valorant community has been very supportive towards the game from the beginning. The devs wanted to give something back to everyone to show that they valued all the support that they received.

Our main goal with the YR1 Event Pass was to offer players free content that commemorates and celebrates VALORANT’s 1st birthday. We can’t believe it’s been one year since VALORANT launched, and we’re so grateful that players have joined us on this journey so far.
- Sean Marino, Art Lead

When it came to the concepts that influenced the Valorant YR1 Event Pass, the devs noted that the community loved the exclusive closed beta content. So they wanted to do something on those lines. Furthermore, the devs also thought of showing the characters in a lighter mood.

We were inspired by how much players love some of the exclusive Closed Beta content, like the Beta Watch Card and the V1.0 Title. We thought it would be fun to feature Jett doing something low-key, so we designed the Year One Card as if Jett were baking a cake in her kitchen and also made one of the slices of cake into a gun buddy!
The third Episode card featuring KAY/O and several other Agents is available in this pass, so you can complete your set. If you’re wondering why we added Radianite Points, it’s because the final free tier in the Episode 3 Act 1 Battlepass is the Jigsaw Ghost. Each Variant for the Jigsaw Ghost has a different Agent, and we wanted players to be able to choose their favorite between Yoru, Skye, Astra, and Killjoy.
- Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer

Overall, the entire Valorant YR1 Event Pass is a nice little gift that everyone will be receiving. So make sure you hop into the game on June 22nd and grab your gift as well.