Valorant: Is Deathmatch Coming Soon?

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Valorant is finally here, and while it has undoubtedly been a hit, many players have been calling out for new modes.

Don't worry, though, as it sounds like you'll be able to get fragging with a deathmatch mode in the coming months. 

Jared Berbach, producer on Valorant, explained that “we [Riot] like to dream that Valorant has unlimited potential for additional gameplay modes and expansion in the future."


“Our desire is to create modes for all types of players, needs, mindsets, and moods.” he continued.

“We’re already hearing our beta audience clamour pretty loudly for a Deathmatch style mode. The desire for a game type that translates heavily to warming up, fragging out, gun skill, and shooting at “live targets” to improve your aim resonates with us both as competitors and as developers.”

Exciting times ahead for Valorant fans then, as the free-to-play shooter is likely to continue growing.