Valorant's Deathmatch Mode Could Be Right Around The Corner According To Leaks

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Valorant could be getting a deathmatch/free-for-all mode as part of its next update (1.4) according to a new leak.

A deathmatch mode has been rumoured for some time, data miner Mang0eLeaks has put together all the clues - including the name "Deathmatch" being referred to in the game's code.


Deathmatch Coming To Valorant?

Mang0eleaks posted the image below from Reddit, with the game mode offering a brief warm-up phase and playable on all three of the game's current maps.

Image courtesy of Reddit user Mang0eLeaks

In our minds, Valorant is heavily predicated on its objective-based nature, but as a more casual Deathmatch option could be a fun way to spend some time. We'd imagine being able to respawn will let players experiment more freely with combinations of abilities and weaponry, too, as well as improve aiming.


Previously, Jared Berbach, a producer on Valorant, explained that “we [Riot] like to dream that Valorant has unlimited potential for additional gameplay modes and expansion in the future."

“Our desire is to create modes for all types of players, needs, mindsets, and moods.” he continued.