Valorant COUNTDOWN LIVE: Latest News, Updates, Leaks And Rumours For Project A

Valorant, which was known as Project A until recently, will be releasing in the Summer 2020.

We now have a concrete Launch Date: June 2nd, 2020.

We'll be covering all of the latest news, updates, leaks and rumours right here as we countdown to the launch.

Valorants Global Launch is Here - And so are the Patch Notes! (Version 1.0)

Valorant is currently Launching around the globe, and Riot Games didn't waist any time in releasing the Title's first round of Patch Notes.

You can see them in Full by clicking here!

Valorant's Release Times - Here's when it Launches in your Region - 1st June

It’s almost time.

After quite a lengthy closed beta, Riot Games  popular online shooter Valorant (Previously known as Project A – When it was first revealed)  will be Available Worldwide for Everyone, from Tomorrow -  Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

But, the Official scheduled launch time of the game depends and will vary by your region.  Here’s a breakdown of when Valorant will be Available for you:

For those in America, the game will become available at 8 AM EST / 5 AM PST on June 2.

But, the game will be available 6 hours earlier in the UK, 7 hours earlier in Europe, and 13 hours earlier in Asia.

We recommend checking out the Official Post from Riot Games as they prepare to launch – We’re just a matter of hours away.

Valorant's next Agent has been revealed - 1st June

We now know the Official Worldwide Release date for the Launch of Valorant, which if you didn't already know, will be Tomorrow (June 2nd, 2020) and with these recent developments, the games next and newest Agent has been revealed through the means of Social Media. 

Riot Games recently shared a post, stating "REYNA // Mexico - What hope do these criauras have?" 

In the post we get a first look at the badass looking Agent, along with some of her abilities. 

Riot Games have also recently been sharing New Tracks through Spotify that are based around each one of the Games Agents that we have seen in both the BETA, and will see in the Full Game. 

We hope you are excited to Play the Full Version of Valorant, when it Launches Tomorrow. Stay Tuned for all the latest.

Vampire sound effects leak as new Agent edges closer to release - 18th May

Valorant's next Agent could have some bite.Check everything we know here!

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Shroud Puts Rumours Surrounding Professional Return To Rest- 10th May

“I don’t plan on going pro or competing at the highest level. (Valorant will) definitely be a game I play a lot until a new game comes out. Here’s what you guys don’t understand about going professional and playing a game at the top level. If you truly want to play at the top, you cannot stream your practices. That is just an easy way for people to creep on your strategy and how you’re gonna play. Granted, as much fun playing a game professionally is, I can’t stream it at the same time.”

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Assists Being Added To The Killfeed In Future Update - 6th May

Valorant is continuing to strive for excellence as the new tactical shooter king - a new feature that will be coming is assists in the killfeed. Check out everything we know here!

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New Image Leak - 5th May

Does this new image confirm Bombshell and Vampire coming to closed beta soon? Find out everything we know here!

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Bombshell Leak? - 4th May

Is Bombshell the new leak? Find out everything we know right here!

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How Radianite Points Work - 3rd May 

Learn everything there is to know about Valorants currency that levels up weapon skins and more here!

How The Contracts Work - 2nd May

If you're trying to get your head around how the contracts will work in Valorant, check out our article here!

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New Update Lets Players Disable Its Anti-Cheat Software - 1st May 17:00 BST

It's no secret that Riot Games takes its anti-cheating technology seriously.

So much that you can't get on the game without its Vanguard software installed and switched on.

However, Riot announced on Reddit that, from today, players will be able to switch Vanguard on and off as they please. 

Cypher Camera Bug Makes This Agent Almost Unplayable - 30th April 18:00 BST

A new bug has been discovered in Valorant and it once again has Cypher in the mix of it.

Here's everything we know!

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Riot Seeks To Fight Sexual Harassment In Games - 26th April 20:00 BST

Riot Games has stated it will fight to find “long-term solutions” against sexual harassment in games.

This came about after League of Legends UX designer - Riot Greenily - posted a clip of her live stream on Twitter, exposing the harassment she faced while streaming Valorant on Twitch.

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Omen Gameplay Trailer - 25th April 20:00 BST

Riot Games not decided on GeForce Now - 24th April 20:00 BST

GeForce Now, a software that lets you stream the games you own on a variety of different devices wherever you are, is an incredibly controversial topic.

Although it has proven extremely popular with gamers, plenty of companies have pulled their games from the streaming software.

The Valorant release date has been set for Summer 2020, and Riot Games has stated that it's undecided on streaming support, which includes GeForce Now.

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Prism Scope Fix On The Way - 23rd April 20:00 BST

First mentioned on the subreddit, one of Valorant's premium skins, Prism, removes the black field around sniper scopes, giving its users a big advantage.

Riot has now confirmed that, no, this is not an intentional, 'premium' bonus, it's just your run of the mill bug.

It has been confirmed that the fix for this bug will be delivered in the next update.

You can see the bug below.

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Riot Games Hint At A Mobile, PS4 And Xbox One Release - 22nd April 20:00 BST

Valorant's beta went extraordinarily well on PC, and now Riot Games has provided us with a bit of an update as to when console and mobile gamers could get involved with the free-to-play tactical FPS.

Here's everything you need to know!

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Will Valorant Come to Console? -21st April 20:00 BST

In an interview, Joe Ziegler, Game Director of Valorant at Riot Games discussed the question on all of our minds.

He explained: “While we are exploring other platforms like console and mobile, right now the team is working hard to deliver a top notch experience on PC.” 

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Riot Offers Hackers Up to $100,000 Reward to Expose Valorant Anti-Cheat Exploits - 20th April 18:00 BST

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Valorant Includes Ping System - 19th April 18:00 BST

Valorant adopts a similar Ping system to the one popularised by Apex Legends. Here's how it works.

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First patch may include a Raze nerf, according to Riot - 17th April 22:00 BST

The developer is also looking at how to make her abilities more clear.

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Brimstone Gameplay Trailer - 16th April 20:00 BST

All Twitch streamers with access to the closed beta can now drop keys - 14th April 20:00 BST

Riot will make it easier to gain access to the closed beta of its popular new tactical shooter Valorant, the game developer announced late Tuesday.

Now, not just select Twitch streamers, but all Twitch streamers who have access to the game can now drop the coveted beta access keys, so long as those streamers playing are actively live streaming the game and turn on the in-game drops feature.

Riot is also increasing its server load capacity by 25 percent to account for the spike in new players.

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How to watch the 100 Thieves VALORANT Invitational - 13th April 22:00 BST

VALORANT’s first invitational tournament, featuring top teams comprised of content creators, pros, former pros, and aspiring pros alike, is set to kick off on Tuesday, April 14.

Your best bet to find all of the channels of the players participating in the tournament will be on Twitch, where the majority of them stream.

Team Shroud

  • Shroud
  • AZK
  • Skadoodle
  • Brax
  • Hiko

Team TimTheTatMan

  • TimTheTatMan
  • Fl0m
  • Mendo
  • Aceu
  • Poach

Team Yassuo

  • Yassuo
  • Moxy
  • xQc
  • Albralelie
  • Timmy
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Riot dev reveals plans for ranked mode in Valorant closed beta - 12th April 16:00 BST

Valorant Game Developer Joe Ziegler has revealed Riot Games’ plans to incorporate a ‘Rated’ mode in their tactical shooter during the closed beta.

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Valorant had a record-breaking day on Twitch - 11th April 17:00 BST

Riot’s latest game had a record-breaking day on Twitch — despite the fact that it isn’t even out yet.

The game hit a peak concurrent viewer total of 1.7 million, which is second only to the 2019 League of Legends World Championship.

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Cypher Gameplay - 10th April 20:00 BST

Best Settings To Use - Audio, Video, Map and More! - 9th April 23:00 BST

Want to optimise your Valorant experience? Check out the best settings to use!

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Dev Diaries - 8th April 00:00 BST 

Valorant Leak Reveals New Agent And Her Abilities - 7th April 23:00 BST

A sneaky set of leakers have uncovered a yet to be announced Valorant agent apparently known as 'Raze' from the game's files. 

Find out more here.

Could Valorant Be Coming To PS4? - 6th April 00:00 BST

Valorant's closed beta arrives on Tuesday and the client is already available to download - some players have been digging into the code a bit more.

While data miners find out the many secrets hidden in Valorant, some interesting code mentions the PS4 specifically.

Find out more here.

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All 36 Hero Abilities So You Can Start Studying Before The Beta - 5th April 20:00 BST

Shroud Explains Why Valorant Won't Have A Skin Economy Like CSGO - 3rd April 20:00 BST

Agent Jett Abilities And Gameplay - 2nd April 20:00 BST

Riot Games has officially announced another Agent with a gameplay trailer. 

Valorant's closed beta will launch in five regions on April 7 - 1st April 20:00 BST

to get your code:

  • Register for a Riot account (if you haven’t already done so).
  • Link your Riot account to your Twitch account.
  • When the beta goes live in your region, watch specific Valorant streams (which will be highlighted on Twitch) for the opportunity to be entitled for closed beta access.
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Summit1g claims Valorant will not have aim assist for controllers - 31st March 20:00 BST

Twitch streamer and retired Counter-Strike pro Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar is claiming that Riot Games' new first-person shooter Valorant will not have aim assist for controllers.

“Don’t gotta worry about mkb (mouse and keyboard) vs controller on Valorant,” he tweeted. “No aim assist means they don’t show up to the party.”

Client Available To Download But No One Can Sign In - 30th March 20:00 GMT

The initial online beta test of gameplay that was shown to professional FPS players, streamers, and other content creators is finished.

Now the beta client and anti-cheat programs for Valorant have been found publicly available for download. 

Even though both are indeed openly downloadable, players can’t log into the game without their Riot Games account being whitelisted by the company, so there’s no way to access the beta early. 

According to esports journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau, the media event went well and early impressions of the game were extremely positive.

Private Beta - 29th March 20:00 GMT

According to Twitter account ValorantNEWS there is currently an exclusive private beta going on for Valorant that only certain people have access to, the current beta is 6.9GB in size and looks like this when you install it from the Riot Games client.

Riot Games may be hosting a Valorant capture event for content creators this weekend - 28th March 20:00 GMT

According to gaming insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau, Riot Games is holding an online capture event for Valorant starting today (March 27th).

The capture event allows multiple streamers, esports players, and other content creators to play the game.

Although the event won't be streamed, players will be able to capture footage.

This footage will then be available to publish on a certain future date. Slasher believes that date is April 3, but it very well could change depending on unforeseen circumstances

Valorant will have anti-cheat at launch - 27th March 20:00 GMT

Valorant will be released with its own anti-cheat program.

“We built a game to resist the most common types of cheat in shooters. This was possible because we started thinking about security against fraud early in production, technically before pre-production,”says Chamberlain.

Hands-On Event Delayed Due To Virus - 21st March 20:00 GMT

Riot Games has confirmed that an upcoming Valorant event, which would have featured hands-on gameplay, has been cancelled.

This was scheduled to kick off in March and has been written off due to the current Coronavirus situation.

Valorant: Agent Sova abilities and gameplay - 20th March 20:00 GMT

Riot Games has officially announced another Agent with a gameplay trailer. 

Riot Games Reveals How The Lore Of Valorant Will Be Told - 19th March 20:00 GMT

Critically acclaimed developer Riot Games has openly discussed the way they intend to reveal and develop the lore behind Valorant's characters.

So far we know that there are (currently) eight unique characters: Phoenix, Viper, Sova, Cypher, Brimstone, Sage, Omen, and Jett.

We can assume Valorant is set on Earth, as each Agent represents a real-life country.

Viper is from the United States, while Phoenix is from London.

The fact that the agents have powers suggest either that a magic element exists in Valorant's world, or the character's abilities are based on some insane technology.

Either way, we're excited to see what Riot Games is cooking up!

Pokimane Gives Her Hot Take on Valorant - 18th March 19:30 GMT

Overwatch will definitely remain a fan-favorite in the competitive scene, especially as there's a sequel coming.

But Pokimane is says that Riot Games' expertise is not something to overlook, and said Valorant could be the "Overwatch killer"

Leaked Client Screen - 17th March 20:00 GMT

With all of the hype building consistently for Riot’s tactical shooter, a leak has given Valorant fans a first look at the game’s potential client screen.

New Teaser Reveals How Teleporting Works - 15th March 15:00 GMT

In the new agent teaser for Viper, Riot may have given us a glimpse into how teleportation between Reactor Sites work.

14 seconds into Viper’s teaser, you can see what appears to be a portal to another location, which is labeled ‘Laboratory’.

While we don’t see the one-way portal used during the trailer, a lot can be derived from where it’s located.

You can see the full teaser for Viper here.

Character Information - 14th March 20:30 GMT

It has been confirmed that Valorant will launch with 5 unlocked characters and around 5 more to earn!

Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Character VIPER - 13th March 23:00 GMT

A new post from the official Valorant Twitter showcases an up and coming character Viper, absolutely slaying it. You can watch the new trailer here.

Riot Games dev hints that Valorant won't allow 'stretched res' - 12th March 20:00 GMT

In a lot of PC games, it's possible to use a different aspect ratio and resolution to create a 'stretched res'.

This can be used by players and some feel that it gives them an advantage, as targets look a lot wider, and are easier to hit, because they take up more pixels.

Senior Game Designer Trevor 'Classick' Romleski suggested that 'stretched res' won't be an option in the game.

Players have been practicing ready for the Valorant release, and Classick said: "If you're going to use 4:3, I would recommend NOT stretching if you're practicing for Valorant."

Valorant Coming To Influencers Soon? - 6th March 13:25 GMT

Rumours are circulating that influencers may get the game soon.

Phoenix Gameplay - 17:35 GMT

PHOENIX /// United Kingdom"You already know the name"
March 5, 2020

Riot Want To Tell Story In-Game - 10:30 GMT

Riot wants to tell the story of Valorant in-game, where most traditional multiplayer shooters (especially the tactical ones) struggle to do this, Valorant wants to break the mould.

Valorant is set on Earth in the near future. This new Earth has futuristic tech and at some point there’s a mysterious world-wide event called First Light.

You can read all about it here.

Shroud Not Convinced Valorant Will Be Successful - 16:00 GMT

Shroud isn't convinced Valorant will be as big as fans expect it to be. He's unsure if new players will understand the many abilities and mechanics that come with it:

"That's part of the reason why I don't know how huge [Valorant] will be on a viewing perspective," shroud explained. "Put CS for an example, 'flashbang goes off, ok, smoke goes off, ok, guns are being bought.' Here, it's like another level; guns are being bought, abilities are being bought, utilities being bought, and, characters do stuff."

"So, I don't know if this game can surpass CS, but, I think it'll be successful."

Valorant Cancel Gameplay Event - 4th March 12:30 GMT

Valorant have confirmed that due to growing concerns regarding Corona Virus, that they will be rescheduling their hands-on gameplay event until further notice

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PC Specs - 3rd March 17:15 GMT

What do you need to play Valorant?

Here are the PC specs:

Hardware Recommendations

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • RAM: 4GB
  • VRAM: 1GB

Minimum Specs

  • CPU: Intel i3-370M
  • GPU: Intel HD 3000
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Valorant Character Tier List - 2nd March 12:00 GMT

So who are the best characters? It may be early and there are only 8, but we've ranked the characters so far.

The best ones are:

  • Jett
  • Sage
  • Sova
  • Phoenix

Read our thoughts on the characters here.

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