Valorant: Is Bombshell a new leaked Agent?

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Valorant is still in its closed beta, but a new leak looks to have discovered a potentially discarded Agent by the name of "Bombshell".

YouTube creator PlayerIGN uncovered Bombshell here, with a wealth of voice lines included.

Multiple characters reference Bombshell, with two voice lines in particular coming from Breach. Sage also references the character, while Jett and Cypher both discuss Bombshell's height.

With balancing a clear priority for Riot as part of the Beta, there's always a chance the character could make an appearance in the future.

In the PlayerIGN video below, the creator suggests that Killjoy, a codename that they believe refers to Bombshell, could shed some light on the character's abilities.


These abilities are believed to have included a deployable turret, "equipping lasers", and an energy melee weapon.