Valorant: Best weapons in Riot Games' shooter, including Vandal, Operator, and more

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Valorant is finally here. Riot Games' class-based tactical shooter offers CS:GO inspired shooting alongside Overwatch-style class-based abilities.

With the game's weapons the main way of dealing damage and grabbing kills, we've put together a quick guide to the best weapons available.

It's also worth noting that these are subject to change once Riot takes beta feedback into account.

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Valorant: Best Weapons

With each weapon costing an amount of in-game currency called 'Creds', we've tried to balance the best weapons with the ones that are worth the asking price.


The Vandal
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The best all-rounder in the game (so far), the Vandal costs 2,900 Creds and deals a decent amount of damage with each bullet.

It hasn't got the fastest rate of fire, but it makes up for that by not necessarily needing to land many hits for a kill.



The Shorty
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At only 200 credits, you might not be expecting much but the Shorty can be an ideal secondary option at close-range.

It can kill an enemy with one shot when close in, but anything further away it'll just tickle them – so be ready to close the gap. Still, for the price you can't complain.



The Phantom
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Another 2900 Cred assault rifle, the Phantom offers manageable recoil and is ideal for short-to-mid ranges.

It does have a significant damage drop-off after that, but if you're looking to run and gun, this is your best bet. If you're short on credits, the Spectre SMG also offers a decent enough alternative.



The Judge
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The more expensive of the game's two shotguns (costing a not-insignificant 1500 Creds), the Judge can wipe a whole team if you manage to flank them properly.

An automatic shotgun that breaks through armour with ease, it can be the ideal way to surprise enemies.



The Operator
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Ok, the Operator is the game's most expensive weapon and will set you back 4500 Creds, but if you've got the skillset for it, it can turn the tide of battle with ease.

Believe it or not, it can kill an enemy in a single shot as long as you don't hit them in the leg, so if you're confident in your accuracy it's definitely the way to go. 

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