Valorant Map LEAK: New 'Foxtrot' Map and Caribbean Agent Breeze Teased In New Screens

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Episode 2 Act 2 will shortly be coming to an end and fans are turning to the next act for more content.

We don't know too much yet, but a recent leak may give us a hint at what to expect from Act 3.

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Foxtrot Map

There is little known about the upcoming Act, but we do have a name for the next map, 'Foxtrot'.

@ValorLeaks on Twitter shows us the leak in detail as well as what the info may mean.

It could be argued that Valorant is lacking in its map/level design which ultimately contributes to a lot of the game's shortcomings.

We hope this next map will bring a fresh feel to the game and allow for some awesome strategies and outplays.

The audio and theme for the map also give off a particularly tropical/exotic theme, again supporting the Caribbean location.

New images from @ValorLeaks further that theme, with a travel poster advertising the island of "Breeze."

New Agent?

So, what is the new Agent releasing alongside the 'Foxtrot' map?

From the image leaked, it's clear we'll be headed to the Caribbean for the next Act of Valorant.

Although nothing is officially known about the next agent, the community has made some speculations as to what we can expect.

Many fans would like to see some sort of Pirate-themed agent to go with the Caribbean setting.


In fact, Twitter user Cynprel has revealed some in-game locations of teasers for what could be for a new Agent called Breeze.

Release Date

Episode 2 Act 2 is set to finish on 20 April 2021.

We can expect the next act to begin shortly after this on 21 April 2021.

All the new content should release on this day including the new map, agent, cosmetics and gameplay updates.

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