Valorant Agent 16 Leaks: Release Date, 'Grenadier' Abilities And Everything We Know About The Next Agent

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Valorant is on its way to its first year since release this June, but the tactical shooter by Riot Games could now be considered as one of the most popular games on the planet. It’s so popular that it now has an esports league, and the first world Valorant Champions Tour has already commenced last November 2020.

With the growth of Valorant’s popularity despite its young presence in the gaming industry, the game continues to expand its roster of agents on an almost regular basis. The latest one to be added was Astra, the cosmic controller who is the game’s 15th overall agent.


Now fans are already wondering when the 16th agent will be introduced. Many expected that Agent 16 would be released with Episode 2 Act 3, but the new Agent never arrived.

For now though, here is everything you need to know about Valorant's next agent, believed to be codenamed ‘Grenadier.’

Valorant Agent 16 Leaks

Valorant has unveiled its first look at the games next agent during Summer Games Fest.


Take a look below:

Valorant Agent 16 Leaks

Players first suspected that a teaser from the Arabian Valorant account was Agent 16’s teaser, but it turned out to be a trailer for Strike Arabia which is an upcoming tournament.


But the first leak for Agent 16 came from “Mike – Valorant Leaks & Info” on Twitter. In a tweet posted by the account, it mentioned that the codename for the new agent is ‘Grenadier,’ causing fans to create a buzz on social media.

Valorant Agent 16 Release Date

Since Agent 16 did not arrive in the expected Episode 2 Act 3 release, the soonest time it can debut would be on June 22 which is the release of Episode Act 3. Although this is still not confirmed by Riot themselves, and all we can do is to wait for the official announcement.


Valorant ‘Grenadier’ Abilities

While the only clue available so far is the suspected codename ‘Grenadier,’ some speculations are already being considered regarding the upcoming agent’s abilities.

The new agent would probably be able to provide some explosive firepower with the ‘Grenadier’ codename. It can be either a Duelist that is aimed towards generating multiple kills, a Sentinel that can set up plays for the team, or an Initiator who can open up combat with both parties.

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