Valorant Act 2 Lands Tomorrow, Includes Free-For-All Deathmatch and New Battle Pass

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Valorant's second Act will land tomorrow and brings a new battle pass, a new mode, and new premium skins for fans of Riot's tactical shooter. 

The game's new premium battle pass will cost 1000 VP and will unlock gun skins and buddies, sprays, player cards, titles and Radianite Points.


Valorant Act 2 Details

According to Riot's own press release:

"For the Act II pass, we decided to look a lot more at how the community responded to the quality of the Act I content. Which cosmetics made players the most happy? What do they want to see more of? Did players feel like there was enough variety for them to express themselves?"

"We tried to include some stuff the community had asked for (bring back the chicken spray!), add more variety (less food-related buddies), create more fun buddies (the toaster and cat were popular), and build off some of the Act I content (like more Tactibear)."


The pass includes plenty of cosmetics, like the one below.

Not too covert, but it sure looks cool

Regardless of whether players pick up the battle pass or not, a new free-for-all deathmatch is launching in beta as of August 5. As you'd imagine, players win by being the first to thirty kills or the most kills at six minutes, meaning the mode offers a truncated experience for players that want more immediate action compared to Spike Rush or standard.

Players spawn with heavy armour and unlimited money for weapons, but abilities are disabled. Players won't be able to hide, either, as every 5 seconds all characters will be revealed by a UAV, and each kill will allow you to pick up a health pack.


Finally, a new season offers fresh cosmetics in the in-game store. Check out the Glitchpop style below.

Will you invest?

As we reported last week, you'll also find Killjoy available as part of your roster of Agents, with the "German Genius" able to use drones and turrets to do some of her dirty work. She might remind you of someone, too.