Valorant Leak Reveals Two Unannounced Agents, Riot Shoots It Down

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Update: Ryan 'Morello' Scott, the game's lead character designer has revealed that both characters were cancelled entirely. In the Tweet below, he noted that both characters a "super old" and "cancelled".

Still, we can't wait to see what Riot does have up its sleeves for us.

Super old cancelled characters. I've talked a bunch on my stream about Crusader getting the axe. Y'all reading too much into files - lots of stuff cut from the game over time
— Morello (@RiotMorello)
July 20, 2020

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Valorant is still one of the hottest games on the planet, and as Act 2 approaches, it looks to get better and better.

A new leak from @ValorantExpress has revealed the abilities of two more agents, known as Shatter and Crusader, likely for their additions in the next Act.

Valorant: New Agents Leaked

Shatter was previously uncovered during the game's closed beta several months ago, and their abilities are focused on confusing enemies. "Decoy" is pretty straightforward, suggesting a duplicate version of Shatter that can draw enemy fire, while "Clone Explode" suggests a more explosive version of the decoy that could be good for clearing an objective.

In fact, there's even a leaked audio file for the ability. Check it out below.

Shatter Clone Ability Audio:Shatter is another one of the agents that has possibly been scrapped, but unlike others, this has not been confirmed.After digging through dev audio files for hours, I have been able to match up some sounds to his clone ability. Enjoy!
— Valorant Express - Valorant Leaks And News (@ValorantExpress)
July 20, 2020

Crusader, on the other hand, could be an unused prototype that eventually morphed into Breach. According to the leak, Crusader was equipped with a shield that would be able to block incoming damage (even when planting the Spike) and be throwable. The prospect of hurling a shield at an enemy gives us Captain America vibes, and we're here for it.

They'd also have a throwable grenade with as-yet-unidentified properties.

Crusader info:- Shield Ability: Crusader would have a shield that would block damage, block damage when he is planting the bomb, and even be throw-able. This shield would eventually break.- Crusader would have a throw-able grenade as well. The properties are unknown.
— Valorant Express - Valorant Leaks And News (@ValorantExpress)
July 20, 2020

Valorant's meta seems nicely poised at present, but Riot's previous commitment to a new agent every couple of months could require them to fine-tune what's already there at the same time as introducing fresh tactical opportunities.

In any case, it's been fascinating to see the game grow from beta onwards.

Are you playing Valorant? If so, which characters are your favourites, and would you be tempted to switch to Shatter or Crusader if they are released? Sign up to Gfinity Plus and let us know.

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