Valorant: 4 Godly Raze Grenade Tips and Tutorial for Bind.

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Valorant may have released months ago, but players are still finding out new Agent mechanics and strategies to redefine the game.

Reddit user u/Xlp620 is one such player that has discovered some amazing cross-map Raze grenade angles that turn one of the best offence Agents into a stalwart defence Agent.

These grenades can fly across the map and surprisingly work if timed extremely well.


Incredible Raze Nade Spots For Bind

The way Raze plays with these god angles is the same that she would play normally. Her grenades are typically designed for taking down angles, rushes, and get openings for her team. The angles offer exactly that they just require better timing and communication to perform.

Four Bind grenades offer perfect cross-map play for shutting down assaults.

The first angle is based on B side defence. Raze needs to get on top of the Metal Box. From there a blast pack builds momentum to get into the right position for the first grenade to work.

Detonate the blast pack and aim to the right of the second panel behind the crane and throw. The grenade will explode mid-air, and the cluster grenades fall to the floor near Lamps, A Short and default.

The second angle is an A to B grenade. Players need to get on top of A site’s Shed and then get another blast pack to get momentum and throw the grenade through the gap between the vents.

A few unknown "god-nades" on Bind that may blow your mind.

The grenade will once again explode mid-air, with clusters dropping on top of Metal box, back of the site, under the window and the box.

The third grenade stops attacks coming from Mid. Players sit just before entering B Halls from Defence spawn and boost themselves a grenade aimed at Mid. The grenade will detonate and fill mid, the exit to market and the box.

The final grenade is the easiest one. An attack coming from A Long is stopped by throwing a grenade high towards the build where the teleporter is – hitting the side that bounces it towards A Long. The grenade will bounce back and take out the top of A long, the portal and squeeze into Arches.

These godly grenades are amazing at helping the defence on Bind. If players do not respect the clusters that fall from the grenade, then they will be one shot. Blast packs are also key to get right as the momentum slings grenades much further than normal throws would do.