Valorant Takes A Leaf Out Of Fortnite's Books

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Fortnite and Valorant are two very popular games in the current gaming market. Although they're very different in terms of gameplay, you'll be surprised to see the similarity they have.

The Fortnite community has time and again pointed out that many agents from the Valorant roster were based on Fortnite skins. This allegation came to light again after KAY/O, the newest Valorant agent went live.


Fans believe that KAY/O looks similar to The Foundation from Fortnite. And that's not the only similarity that the two games have at this point. From the looks of it, the Zero Point isn't exclusive to Fortnite anymore.

Valorant and the Zero Point

The Zero Point in Valorant isn't a portal like it is in Fortnite. Had it been so, we'd have another lawsuit on our hands. Given that Epic Games is still reeling from the lawsuit with Apple, it's unlikely they would want to indulge in another one right now.

But let's just say Riot Games was indeed inspired by Fortnite. If you've noticed one of KAY/O's abilities carefully, you'll see that one of those abilities is known as ZERO/Point.


Given the way this ability is named, it falls within the legal boundaries, and does not infringe upon Epic Games' copyright on the same.

However, since this looks like a direct shout out to Fortnite, a certain segment of the community believes that there could be a collaboration between the two games.


Will we see a collaboration between Fortnite and Valorant?

Had we still been in Fortnite Chapter 1, I'd have ignored this question altogether. But now that Fortnite has indulged in so many diverse collaborations, it's really difficult to ignore any such possibility.


However, it's too early to call for a collaboration. Valorant just hit the year mark with the game, and Fortnite has been around for quite some time right now. That being said, I personally feel that now isn't the best time for the collaboration to take place.

We aren't new to the fact that the Fortnite community is opposed to a lot of collaborations in any given season. That being said, the storyline in Fortnite is too twisted right now.


There's the aspect of the Zero Point and the I.O. Then you have Batman trying to fix things on the island. And finally you have the alien invasion. There's too much going on in the game already. Throwing the Valorant collaboration in the mix right now will turn it into a major confusion cluster bomb.

Finally, Valorant is fairly new. It's just been a year since the game has launched. So they have a lot of scope for growth. I'm not denouncing the idea of the collaboration completely. I'm just saying that it'd make perfect sense in a year or two.