Riot Games Dev Speaks on Why The Team is Skipping Valorant Patch 2.10

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One of the developers at Riot Games who works on Valorant, has taken to Twitter to inform the players of some of the reasons why a game engine update is needed.

Last week the Valorant team shared that they would be skipping patch 2.10 in order to focus on updating the game engine which will help with some performance issues.

After receiving questions on why the development team decided to skip the patch in order to focus on performance updates, RiotNu posted out a long list of information about their game engine and why it is important.

I've been getting a bunch of questions about what "updating the engine" actually means. VALORANT is built on a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 4. Epic continuously improves UE4 with features, tools and fixes. We leverage their hard work to make our game better. He Says.

Riot Games Dev Speaks on Why The Team is Skipping Valorant Patch 2.10

There are updates to the Unreal Engine a few times a year, and the team must keep their own game up to date to minimize bugs in the game.

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Riot Nu says that one of the issues that are causing a crash during a game will be resolved in the coming patch, however, most of the issues that will be receiving updates will involve behind-the-scenes fixes that will upgrade the foundation of the game and unlock future improvements.

The release of Season 2 Act 3 saw many bugs come with the launch, so we hope to see this engine update fix some of the potential issues before Season 3 launches.

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