Pokimane Opens Up About Issues Playing VALORANT Ranked As A Female

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Imane "Pokimane" Anys says VALORANT is much different for a female streamer. Pokimane is a well-known face in the gaming community and is using her platform to bring light to difficulties women face in games and streaming.

Pokimane is no stranger to VALORANT, often playing with other big streamers like Valkyrae and Sykkuno. A ranking system exists in VALORANT, just as in many other games, and Pokimane decided to break out of her shell after being inspired by her brother and started ranking up.


However, it would appear as if her friends aren't always available to play ranked with her, and so she must try it alone at times.

The trouble stems from her (well-known) voice.

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Pokimane playing VALORANT

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Pokimane has no choice but to communicate with her teammates since she is a Sova main. If she chooses another main, VALORANT is a game that requires teamwork. Generally, going solo will make things more complicated, and it isn't worth it.


There are issues with speaking, as Pokimane is a well-known voice, so many would be able to identify her. In addition to harassment and discrimination in games, women may be subjected to inappropriate treatment, and so on. (Trigger warning on that link, Sushipotato gets groped, and in later videos grabbed and must fight to escape man live on a Twitch Stream found by Dexerto.)

The fact that she is Pokimane adds to the issues she faces as a woman; while there are people who are aware of her who will hate her for no reason. Either way, Hopefully, she does make a good team to work with her, because no one deserves to play a game and not feel welcome.