Ninja quits Valorant and Team Time In

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Ninja was streaming League of Legends when he began talking about Valorant. Ninja has taken Valorant quite seriously and was a full-time member of a Valorant competitive team. Ninja explained recently that the situation had changed.

Onstream, Ninja mentioned that the pressures of playing in a competitive team were starting to weigh him down. His preferred way of working includes freedom and not having to grind it out during standard work weeks. It is understandable because being a professional athlete takes countless hours of practice.


To quote Ninja:

"I was like, really stressed out; I knew that I was going to have to stop competing in Valorant because life was picking back up…

Ninja described telling Team Time In he was leaving the team as a moment of relief. The pressure disappeared when he left the team, and he was now able to make choices he couldn't make before, like choosing whether to hang out with his wife or play a different game.


Ninja Continued:

"The other day I told my boy… I wanted them to find a replacement for me, it was such a big weight off my shoulders."

What will happen now that Ninja quit Valorant and Team Time In?

Ninja wants to work hard to improve his League of Legends skills. Ninja seems to have been playing this game a lot more lately, which is fitting. Ninja acknowledges that he has a long way to go but says he could reach the higher competitive tiers in time.


Ninja isn't limited to League of Legends; he can also play other games. Game streamers like Ninja, Tfue, Shroud, and the like are no longer restricted to a single game. Because their fanbase is loyal to their content, Ninja and those streamers can freely design their future rather than to their games.

GFinity wishes Ninja the best in his future endeavors and hopes that he enjoys his time with League of Legends.