"Me Minding My Business, Playing Solo Queue" - Pokimane Responds To Fans Belittling Her Immortal Rank Achievement In VALORANT

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Imane 'Pokimane' Anys recently reacted to some of her fans on Twitter claiming that her VALORANT rank push was boosted by other players. The popular Twitch streamer went on to set the record straight by highlighting how this remark was unreasonably ignorant.

Pokimane was hard-stuck in Diamond for three consecutive Acts and had only one goal, which was to reach Immortal. On September 19, she reached Immortal and shared a screenshot of her rank progression.


Along with this, Pokimane provided a comprehensive set of tips and tricks for fans aspiring to push rank in VALORANT. A Twitch clip featuring one of her aces with Raze became insanely popular after the streamer hit Immortal. Incidentally, she was playing with xQcOW and carried the match till the very end.

However, her journey to Immortal was particularly difficult because she was solo queuing in most of the games. At the same time, Pokimane, being a female streamer, had to face rampant toxicity in her ranked matches. This was one of the primary reasons why she started playing solo queue with support Agents in VALORANT.

Despite her efforts, a section of the community seems to believe that Pokimane got "carried" to Immortal by better players. In a recent stream, she responded to her critics in the best way possible.


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Pokimane Shuts Down Trolls For Shaming Her Rank Grind In VALORANT

As one of the most popular female streamers, Pokimane is no stranger to VALORANT and is often found playing with other big streamers like Valkyrae and Sykkuno.


On August 28th, she took to Twitter to reveal why the ranked grind is difficult for anyone in her position. She highlighted how players have to constantly communicate with teammates in order to play agents like Sova.

Being a popular streamer means that she is frequently subjected to a lot of toxicity in ranked games. On top of that, there is the issue of stream snipers and radiant-smurfs.

Nevertheless, after three Acts she finally reached Immortal 3 and was quite proud of her achievement. On 19th September, she took to Twitter to show fans her competitive rank and Act progression.


This was followed up by a bunch of responses from keyboard-critics who claimed that Pokimane was "carried" to Immortal by better players. Pokimane said, "Imagine having a Twitter account and this is what you wake up to. Randoms tweeting about you." She went ahead to read the tweet that compared her rank push in VALORANT to Courage's rank progression in Apex Legends.

The tweet mentions that people throw shade at Courage for being carried to Predator rank by Apex Legends pros, while Pokimane gets praise for getting carried to Immortal rank in VALORANT. This statement is utterly baseless and ill-researched.

Pokimane responded to this by simply recreating a popular meme. She said, "Me minding my business, playing solo queue, and duelling sometimes like a normal gamer does! Me minding my business streaming games in Diamond/Plat elo."


This isn't the first time the audience questioned Pokimane's skill at VALORANT, and it certainly won't be the last. She has proved herself time and time again, carrying her teammates while solo queuing. As for the critics commenting on her skills, they should have a look at some of her recent gameplay highlights to know better!

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