Valorant: Lunar New Year - Event Pass, Rewards, and Everything We Know

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February brings the start of the Lunar New Year, and Riot Games are getting involved through Valorant. Now, we’ve got a Lunar New Year event, and there’s numerous cosmetics to win for your chosen hero.

That follows on from Episode 4 Act 1’s recent launch, which introduced our newest Agent, Neon. Update 4.01 soon followed and more recently, the game was just patched with Update 4.02, offering an improved experience with several bug fixes.

There’s also a free Lunar Celebration Event Pass for players to take part in, making it a great time to jump into Valorant. So, if you’re curious to learn more about this, here’s everything you need to know.

How Long Is The Valorant Lunar New Year Event?

Valorant players can take part in the Lunar New Year Event from February 1 until February 16, 2022. That’s over two weeks to try and earn all of the rewards they can, so Valorant players should get on this as soon as possible.

What Is The Lunar Celebration Event Pass?

The Lunar Celebration Event Pass work like most Battle Passes, giving players a progression system to earn season-based rewards in Valorant. Better still, this one is free. As stated earlier, players have until February 16 to earn these rewards.

What Are The Valorant Lunar New Year Rewards?


Lunar Celebration Event Pass earns players a “Wishing You Happiness” Playing Card, “Happy Dumpling” Gun Buddy, “Lucky Tiger” Spray, and more. Riot Games confirmed there's new Titles to earn, while Radianite Points as part of the Lunar Celebration Event Pass.

Additionaly, there are also new Tigris Skins for guns like the Phantom, Shorty, Spectre, and the Operator, along with a new melee skin. That's all we know for now, but we'll keep this updated if anything changes.

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