In a furious rage, Shroud insists that Riot Games should delete the Judge from Valorant.

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Shroud is a well-known streamer and professional player of multiple FPS games. He isn't the kind of streamer to get taken down quickly, but he usually has a great attitude about it when he is. This is also the case with Valorant, which he's been playing a lot lately.

After being shot dead by "The Judge" in Valorant, Shroud was angry. He considers The Judge broken as many other players do. He even urged Riot Games to take the weapon out of the game.

Valorant's most expensive shotgun, the Judge, is well worth the price. One Agent can be shot and killed at close range, regardless of their armor, since it fires 12 bullets at a time. One-shot kills are easy with this weapon because headshots also deal double damage.

To quote Shroud's feelings about the shotgun:

"F**king judges! Delete them from the game! Literally Riot, click the button. Delete. That's it; just get rid of them. Just get rid of them! It's that simple!"

Even when Shroud plays against players who use shady tactics, he doesn't lose his cool. It is surprising to see him get angry after being killed. His feelings on the Judge shotgun are clear.

Should Riot Games remove The Judge shotgun just because Shroud says to?

The Judge is like the Mythic Primal Shotgun from Fortnite when it first came out. It was incredibly overpowered, and even SypherPK himself stated the weapon was too powerful. If a professional streamer of the game says a weapon is broken, it most likely is.


Unfortunately for people who are opposed to The Judge, many others love it. There will always be players who love having overpowered weapons, but does that help a game where equality is a must? Competitions need to be fair for everyone, not just those who grab the best weapon first.

We will see whether Riot Games heeds Shroud's advice or if they keep the weapon in the game unchanged.

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