How to Uninstall Valorant

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Agent Brimstone in Valorant.

Despite all the fun and excitement that Valorant has to offer, players can often find themselves getting frustrated by in-game toxic behaviour, as well as interactions with smurf accounts. With that in mind, various players frequently find themselves on the verge of uninstalling the game from their device.

This isn't necessarily why every player uninstalls Valorant. Some find themselves preferring other FPS games, and others just tire of it. This is fine, and uninstalling the game to free up some space on your hard-drive makes perfect sense.

However, uninstalling Valorant can be a little tricky, especially because of the Vanguard anti-cheat detection system. Fortunately, this guide features detailed instructions on how players can easily uninstall Valorant and reclaim their mental sanity.

Pheonix faces a copy of himself in a Valorant cinematic.
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How to Uninstall Valorant

Before getting started with the uninstallation process, players must note that Valorant's anti-cheat detection system, Vanguard is a continuously running background application that can prevent uninstallation of the game.

Owing to this reason, players will first need to check the list of hidden icons on their window toolbar and locate the App Icon for Vanguard. If you don't know what the icon looks like, simply click the arrow on the lower-right hand of your screen and hover over each icon to see the name of the application that it represents.

Then, the player needs to right-click on the Vanguard icon and select 'Exit Vanguard' from the drop-down menu to close it completely.

Once Vanguard is closed, the player will need to head over to the 'Add or remove programs' option inside the control panel or their settings. Following this, the player will need to locate both Vanguard and Valorant on the list of installed programs and click on the 'Uninstall/Remove' button available.

Following the on-screen instructions will allow players to successfully uninstall Valorant from their devices. Once the uninstallation process is complete, players are advised to reboot their PC for optimal performance.


That's it! Uninstalling Valorant gives you a bit of a runaround, but it can be done. If you've somehow decided that quitting Valorant is not for you, then check out our comprehensive guides to each Agent, including Chamber, Breach, KAY/O, and Neon.

Updated February 8, 2022, by Kelsey Raynor.

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