How to Remake in Valorant

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If you end up entering a game with a 4v5 situation in Valorant, then you may use the game’s remake feature immediately.

Remake in Valorant works whenever someone from your team disconnects from the game in the very first round. Of course, the chance of winning is already leaned towards the other team – unless your team can really take on your opponents even with the disadvantage in numbers is present.

But nevertheless, we got you covered. So, here’s how to remake in Valorant.


How to Remake in Valorant

For you to do a remake in Valorant, you first need to type “/remake” in the in-game chatbox.

Then once done, a pop-up message will appear on the screen of your teammates, asking them if they want to do a remake or not.

If the majority of your teammates agree to do so, and by majority meaning all 4 players in the team, then a remake will immediately take place.

AFK Penalty in Valorant

If there would be a time that you need to be AFK in a match in Valorant, there would be some consequences.

Aside from a full MMR loss for the whole game, you will also be banned from entering games in a certain amount of time depending on how often you exit games.

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