Valorant Devs Open Up About Inspirations Behind The Give Back Bundle

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Riot Games has confirmed that the Give Back Bundle will be introduced in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1.

The Give Back Bundle is a charity-themed special bundle in Valorant that will provide 50% earnings from weapon skins and 100% earnings from Accessories in the Give Back Bundle towards charity. The accumulated amount will go towards the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, in partnership with Impact Assets.


Goals for the Give Back Bundle

When talking about the goals that the developers had in mind for the Give Back Bundle in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1, the game's senior producer, Preeti Khanolkar spoke at length about the idea behind this initiative.

Preeti said,

"We’ve heard from a lot of players that they’d really love if they could donate to charity by purchasing skins. We liked that idea a lot and wanted players to participate as part of our One Year launch anniversary by donating to the Riot Impact Fund. So, we thought the best way to do that was having players vote on which skins they’d want to include in the Give Back Bundle!"

Players can visit the Riot Impact Fund Website here.


The Give Back Bundle will be available from June 22nd to July 8th for players to purchase and contribute towards the Riot Impact Fund.

The inspiration behind the Give Back cosmetics

When asked about the inspiration behind the design of the exclusive Give Back cosmetics, Preeti added,

"We wanted to create a piece of content that would feel special and connected to the Give Back Bundle. The image of two agents, Sage and Astra, clasping their hands together in solidarity really stuck with us and we hope you’ll all think it’s beautiful and inspiring too."

There are three unique Give Back-themed cosmetics for players to collect by purchasing the Give Back Bundle for 6,382 Valorant Points. These cosmetics are,

  • Give Back Gun Buddy
  • Give Back Name Card
  • Give Back Spray