Can You Play Valorant With A Controller?

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Episode 2 Act 2 is now live in Valorant and that means a new Battle Pass is available to grind your way through!

The 5V5 tactical shooter has been one of the best games to release in the last year, and Riot has committed to optimizing the game in all regards.

Frequent patches and community support have been prime examples of this, and the game has been growing from strength to strength.


While the game is fully optimized for PC players, some of you are still wondering if the game can be played on a controller. 

Here's the answer!



Technically speaking, there are ways in which you can use a controller in Valorant; but it is not the ideal method of playing.

Below is how you are able to play on the controller!

In order to use a controller within Valorant, you are going to need to simply plug the controller into your PC via the correct cable and it should register within the client.


But, there are some issues when using a controller in Valorant; as there is not aim-assist support within the game.

As well, the movement when using the analog sticks can be a bit wonky at times. So, there are some downsides to opting for a controller within the Riot Games tactical shooter.

But, if you are really keen on using one, then it should not be a problem!