VALORANT Agent 8: Leaks, Release Date, Abilities, Lore Theories, And More Details

VALORANT is currently in Episode 3 Act 3, and fans are eagerly waiting for the new Agent Chamber to arrive with Patch 3.10. Despite Chamber's release, leaks and rumours surrounding the mysterious Agent 8 have resurfaced in Episode 3, Act 3.

The mystery surrounding the unnamed Agent encompasses a significant part in VALORANT's lore. There are several who question Agent 8' existence and plenty more who believe it's just another story. Even the character catalogue doesn't feature Agent 8 in VALORANT Protocol's roster.

Regardless, there are plenty of leaks surrounding Agent 8, and we compiled a report to help players. Here's everything you need to know about the mysterious Agent 8 in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3.

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VALORANT Agent 8: Leaks And Lore Theories

VALORANT currently has seventeen playable Agents in-game, but the new character Chamber has the tag for Agent 18. The same can be said for KAY/O, who has the tag of Agent 17 in VALORANT. So what does this mean? Does VALORANT Protocol have a secret Agent? Or is Agent 8 not from Earth-1?

There is a huge possibility that Agent 8 is at the centre of the VALORANT's storyline. The mystery surrounding this character hints at a bigger picture, one which experts are trying to figure out.

In the latest VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 battle pass there is a strange player card that hints at the next upcoming Agent. Funnily enough, this player card seems to mimic the number eight, and experts think this is a hint at Agent 8 coming to VALORANT.

Lore expert Cynprel tweeted a few theories surrounding Agent 8 that seem exceedingly plausible. Before KAY/O's release, Cynprel theorized that the robot would be the mysterious Agent 8 - sent from the future to protect VALORANT Protocol. However, that theory didn't materialize, as KAY/O's origin story is still debatable.

On the other hand, the player card in Act 3 battle pass shows two bolts of lightning. This foreshadows that the upcoming Agent's will have lightning/electrical abilities. It might very well be a Radiant Agent considering the last two Agents were non-radiant.

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VALORANT Agent 8: Release Date

As for Agent 8's release date, fans can expect that he/she will arrive in VALORANT Episode 4. The new Map 8 which was teased earlier is expected to arrive in Episode 4 Act 1. This means that the new Agent will arrive by Act 2 at the latest.

Fans are also expecting that the next Agent will be a Duelist. The last three Agents were classified as Initiator, Controller and Sentinel - so it is only plausible to guess that the next Agent is a Duelist. A major section of the community believes that Agent 8 will be a time-traveller in VALORANT, who has the power to visit both Earths.

While this is still a theory, it would explain Agent 8's disappearance from VALORANT Protocol's records and would reveal more about the two Earths. Fans ought to take these leaks with a grain of salt as Riot Games has not confirmed any of these theories yet. Hopefully, we will get to know more in the upcoming weeks building up to Episode 4.

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