A Valorant Player Has Created A Weapon Skin Randomizer Which Has Drawn The Attention Of Developers

A Valorant player has posted a short clip to Reddit showing off their new creation, which randomly selects a new skin each time you purchase a weapon.

The user cman7531 has said they are still working on the feature and in the video, we can only see the weapon switching in Valorants Shooting Range mode so it is unclear if it is working in all game modes currently.

The post gained a lot of attention as many fans have been asking for similar features for a while.

Shortly after the post began to gain traction, an engineer at Riot Games commented on it praising the user and confirming that this is not bannable.

"This is awesome! I'm an engineer that worked on loadout equipping and validation. In response to comments about whether this is ban worthy, it's not. If I find out otherwise I'll update this post." Riot_Giraffy says.
"It's really cool seeing players leverage the client API to do build their own features. Past suggestions I've seen have mostly revolved around having preset loadouts (for example a loadout for each agent), which is relatively more expensive to build. Seeing interest in straight up randomized loadouts (which is much cheaper to build) is exciting. I'm personally excited for any opportunity to play with more than one skin forever."

The code can be found on GitHub for fans to browse, however, it is still not complete and will be continued to be worked on and improved.

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