Valor Legends Reroll Guide - How to Start Fresh

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The steps needed for a Valor Legends reroll attempt are surprisingly simple. Given the hoops you need to jump through to start fresh in some other recent mobile releases like World Flipper, it's refreshing for the reroll gamer to be so immediately understood this time around. So if you're looking to grab only the greatest heroes for the road ahead, follow the Valor Legends reroll steps below to start things off on the right foot.

Before you initiate a Valor Legends reroll, it's good to understand what you're rerolling for. That's why our Valor Legends tier list exists. You should also be able to squeeze another summon out by using the latest Valor Legends codes as well. Both resources will ensure you're not rerolling more than you need. You'll probably want to actually play the game at some point, and endlessly resetting your account isn't going to get you there.

The steps needed to initiate a Valor Legends reroll.

How to Perform a Valor Legends Reroll

  • Launch the game and select a server.
  • Tap the screen and hit the 'Skip' button to bypass the cutscene.
  • Clear the first three tutorial battles and claim the idle rewards.
  • Tap and hold the screen, then press 'Skip' when it appears in the top-right.
  • Level up your heroes and clear stage 1-10.
  • Claim any available free Gems and Summon Books from the Vault, Starter Gift, Task list, and Mail menus.
  • Redeem any Valor Legends codes for more gems.
  • Enter the 'Mainland' screen.
  • Use your gems and summon books in the Summoning menu. If the units aren't to your liking, follow the next few steps. If they are, move on to the final.
    • Tap your profile picture in the top-left.
  • Hit the 'Account' button (it's the first on the row).
  • Tap 'Switch Account,' then 'Guest'.
  • Tap the server select button and choose a new server or slot.
  • Use the Account menu to bind your account to your email or social platforms.

It might look like a lengthy process, but it's one of the fastest reroll methods in the recent big mobile releases like KonoSuba: Fantastic Days. Just use the level up menu to boost the four starting characters to level 10 and you should have no problem walking through Stage 1-10 on auto. It takes around five minutes.

Once you're through that barrier, you'll unlock the Mainland screen. Complete any summons you can do here (using gems from mail rewards, etc.) to gather your initial lineup. If you think you can pull more Legendary units than you did, use the 'Account' menu to create a new account either on the same server or a different one.

Don't let the 'New Game' button confuse you; this just ties the current account to an email and saves it anyway. It won't just delete an account and let you start fresh.


You can repeat this process for as long as you have slots left on any server you're ok committing to. More servers are opening all the time as most players (or characters) join in, so you might get even more Valor Legends reroll opportunities as time goes on.

How Do I Save a Valor Legends Account?

Once you're satisfied with your pulls, just use the Account window to tie your account to your email or social network of choice. Each account is saved to your device anyway, but this will help if you ever need to log in from another device or recover your account.